The Polish manufacturer of PVC shrink film for securing unit packaging, offers you a proven product of exceptional quality, allowing shrinkage at a temperature of 60° C. As a manufacturer, we will adjust the appropriate parameters of the foil (shrinkage rate, width and thickness of the sleeve), colour, printing and numbering to the requirements of your needs. We supply heat-shrinkable sleeves in sections of any length, tailored to specific packages or in the form of a sleeve 
 (so-called roll). As a manufacturer, we try to provide our customers with comprehensive and convenient cooperation, placing particular emphasis on the speed and quality of orders. Additionally, at the request of our customers, we maintain permanent stock levels.


Seals on gas cylinder valves as cylinder protection with gas against unauthorised opening and forgery. 

Seals on the lids of the jars to protect against opening and contamination of the surface under the lid. 

Transparent sleeves for individual packaging or advertising.

Sleeves with a wood-like print.


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